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Our vision is to connect kids with the Faith Community, guiding them to discover their place in God’s Big Story and nurturing a generation grounded in faith. We aim to empower them through the Holy Spirit within a safe, energetic, and enjoyable worship environment. Our ultimate goal is for Church to become your child’s favorite place, where they are excited about cultivating a personal relationship with God.


At Fort Mill Church of God, we are happy to be a part of a greater global church focus on the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20. FMCOG is connected with the Mission Partners highlighted below along with many other local, state and worldwide ministries. 


Fort Mill Worship is led by a dynamic choir, praise team and band. This team is one of the most visible and impacting ministries of our church. Our primary purpose is to lead the body of Christ in heartfelt worship.


Your students worship experience- complete with a live band, Christ centered message, small group discussions, and relationship building – allowing students to engage their relationship with Jesus as they become disciples of His Word.

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