Tanzania Mission

Director Al’lora Leonhardt


Gina Helms

Gina began serving as a missionary in 2007 in Tanzania,  East Africa. Her primary work is evangelism and capacity building.

We help those in Tanzania who have not yet experienced a proclamation and demonstration of the gospel because thirty distinct tribes, around five million people, are still waiting for this opportunity.  We help develop leadership capacity for the nation because Tanzania has been among the top 20-30 poorest countries in the world for years, which is not commensurate with Tanzania’s God-given wealth of natural and human resource designed to make Tanzania thrive.

We impact the unevangelized by targeting unreached tribes, engaging evangelism, and mobilizing others. We expand leadership capacity by targeting domains of influence and developing future leaders for those domains by providing access to education, discipleship, personal growth, and community impact. We compound the results by fostering a cross-disciplined community of like-minded leaders.

We do evangelism so that all Tanzanian people will have access to the gospel which has the power to change their lives at a personal level. We disciple leaders so that the domains of culture in Tanzania will have access to kingdom principles which have the power to change the stature of Tanzania at a national level and international level.

See www.prism.life for more on the Tanzania ministry.


Below are several projects Gina is operating in Tanzania.

Tanzania Education Advocates (TEA) Project
The TEA Project is a special project for missionary Gina Helms. The vision is to disciple the nation of Tanzania by raising up leaders and sponsoring university education for those students who meet the following conditions: students who are committed to return to Tanzania to make a difference, who have a legitimate need, who have demonstrated academic success in high school, who have proven faithful while serving in ministry, and who have a strong spiritual covering.  After ministry with the youth in the unreached and prayerful observation of their struggles to have a fair chance to pursue their university dream in Tanzania, the TEA Project was born. These leaders will steward God’s destiny for Tanzania as they take their places of influences in public health, energy, natural resource management, business, law, and more. Currently there are four students studying abroad. The goal is to support at least 21 students over the next 15 years in the main spheres of influence thus fostering a web of righteous, Holy Spirit-led, intelligent leaders who will serve their nation with distinction.

Seeds of Change
Seeds of Change is a private Christian English boarding school in the Sonjo tribe started by a local Sonjo Pastor. Our support of the Seeds of Change School is to help with the building of the, school administrations training, and resources to help the school operate at a high standard.

Community Health Workers (CHW) 
The goal of the CHW project is to add value in the public health domain by equipping local people to become community health workers. This involves training the local CHW in the treatment of preventable diseases, providing resources, and a facility for ongoing training.

Bible for Every Home
The goal for this project is giving a free Bible to every home in the Sonjo tribe. There are around 5,834 homes. The distribution has begun by village. So far Bibles have been distributed in the following villages: Sale, Yasimdito, Kisangiro.

Tract in Sonjo Language
The goal of this project is to distribute an evangelistic tract in every village in the Sonjo tribe and to follow it with discussion groups. It will be the first printed Christian material having the Sonjo language. The booklet explains basic questions on Christianity. This tract is the result of doctoral research in the Sonjo in 2013 which focused on the Sonjo peoples’ perception of Christianity. The key questions from the research are answered in the Sonjo language with supporting Scriptures in Swahili since the Bible is not available in the Sonjo language.

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