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Instructions for any groups using ZOOM

Please connect online 5 minutes prior to the group starting

Step 1: Download Zoom (Click Here) Step 2: Find a quiet place to login in (we can see you as soon as you log on!) Step 3: Choose the Connect Group that you would like to join

Sunday , May 2020 - 10AM

Sunday, May 2020 - 10AM

Focus Sunday

Class to resume in the Summer/Fall

Sunday - 10AM | Building our homes with what matters,  the Word of the Lord!

Class to resume in the Summer/Fall

Sunday, May 2020 - 10AM | Studying the Book of James

Sunday - 10AM

Trifecta College - Monday - 7PM

Wednesday, May 13 - 7PM FMCOG parking lot

Thursday - 7PM | "To Live Is Christ"

Wednesday - 7PM | Sermon Discussion Group

Wednesday - 7PM | Spanish Group

Wednesday - 7PM

Wednesday - 7PM

Thursday - 9:30AM | Sermon Discussion Group

Friday, April - 7PM